It’s been an interesting year and I’m grateful for everything that it has given to me. I don’t know what 2017 has planned for me but I’m ready for everything it has there. I know that everything depends on the perspective I’m looking at things. So if I’m down, I’ll see it as a tragedy, if I’m up to the sky I’ll see it as a blessing. That’s why I want positive thinking more than else in the coming year, because if I think positive, positive things happen to me, otherwise it’s a total collapse. I need to temper my moody character, but then this is what makes me unique 🙂 I am happy that I managed to understand this particular trait of mine and embrace it. It’s difficult to wait but not impossible. I wonder if the year of the rooster will bring more patience to me 🙂 If not, please have patience with me 🙂 Love and blessings to everyone I know and to those I’m going to know in the coming year.

I don’t wish the same to the others as I strongly believe that each person has their own needs.  That is why I always wish to people  what they wish to themselves. Happy New Year!!! 🙂


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orbiţi, surzi şi mutilaţi,
înecîndu-se în marea indiferenţei,
oamenilor le e frică de oameni…

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Reasoning :)

There are things that get to me. Things seemingly unrelated to me, because they do not involve me or any of the people I love and care about directly. Yet, they make me extremely sad. I’ve recently noticed that, as a rule, such things involve my inability to understand the reasons that lie behind certain actions, words, unspoken silences. So, instead of ignoring what should be ignored I start spending a lot of energy trying to understand the whats and whys of I don’t know what. And, as a rule, I end up again and again angry with myself for persisting in wasting my time in vain. But maybe instead of being angry, I should accept this stubbornness of mine, as, after all, I should be stubborn like this for a reason. Consequently, as I can’t understand its reason why shall I fret about other reasons when everything happens for a reason. Thus, it becomes useless to reason with myself when there’s no reason at all in doing it as what happens for a reason does not involve my reason, but somebody else’s reason. I’m not even mentioning the cases when I can’t understand MY reason, as I see absolutely no reason in reasoning like this. I think it’s reasonable enough for a lazy Sunday afternoon 🙂

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6. imperatives

Shut the damn door!
Drop the key on the floor!
Lie to me… no more!
Give back my faith!
Liberate this heart from rain!
Take your memory away!
Be a coward till the end!
Hold on!
Return to me… nevermore!
Just… GO!
Shut the damn door!

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Colouring the week ahead with positive thinking 🙂

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5. adjectives

love IS…
(you know)
it IS…
(even if it’s hard to believe)
a series of adjectives,
incompatible , somehow, additives,
to spice up an all-enduring dream –
and so it goes,
between ‘yes’ and ‘noes’,
significant qualifiers
colouring insignificant signifiers!
and so it happens
that there ARE:
thoughtful stars
brightening thoughtless skies,
moonful wishes
lightening moonless nights,
meaningful sighs
reddening meaningless words,
painful roads
generating painless falls,
desireful silence
burning desireless thoughts,
shameless instincts
firing shameful herds!
oh, yes!
so many
restless dreams
within one restful arrow
even if it’s for an hour
love IS…
oh, no!
so many
soulless eyes
inside the soulful nights
even if it’s just for a while
it IS…
a series of incompatible adjectives
known only by the needless compatibility
between the needful you and me!

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Reneg! Ce – am fost, ce sînt şi ce voi fi – un renegat, întîmplător ivit pe acest pămînt, fricos, cînd adevăr şoptesc şi… curajos cînd minciună strig.

Reneg! Ce – am spus, ce spun şi ce vor spune! Captiv al renegării Sper să uit Că om n – am fost! Şi să mă – nzbor în zori de zi Acolo unde liber voi fi şi, poate, voi putea trăi cu mine însumi…

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