Classification of Consonants: Place of Articulation

PLACE OF ARTICULATION Bilabial /p/    /b/     /m/
Labiodental /f/    /v/
Dental /θ/   /ð/
Alveolar /t/   /d/   /n/   /s/   /z/   /l/
Postalveolar /ʃ/  /ʒ/   /ʧ/   / dʒ/   /r/
Palatal /j/
Velar /k/     /g/   /ŋ/
Glottal /h/
Labio-velar /w/
POA Active articulator Passive articulator
Bilabial Bottom lip Top lip
Labiodental Bottom lip Top teeth
Dental Tongue tip Upper front teeth
Alveolar Tongue tip Alveolar ridge
Postalveolar Tongue tip or blade Region behind the alveolar ridge
Palatal Tongue front Hard palate
Velar Tongue back Velum
Glottal Vocal folds None (the vocal folds move towards each other)

organs of speech


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