A Mother’s Death

There had never been such a fuss in the hospital as it was that spring morning. One could have heard whispering in every corner a “she’ll be here in no time” full of awe. It was a grand day for the entire hospital. All the best doctors were called to be there when she came. All seemed to be so deeply affected by her misfortune. There could hardly ever be more sensitive people.

She was brought at 8 o’clock in the morning. She was 84 and her wrinkled, dying face inspired an unpleasant sensation one feels when he sees in somebody the mark of death. To see death in her eyes and to comfort her was hard, yet they had to. All the medical stuff was disappointed that her son had not come too. They were expecting him. There was a welcome placard in the huge hall of the hospital. Everybody wished to show their sympathy to the Health Minister who must have been suffering a lot. Only to live with the idea that your mother is about to die is insupportable.

 And he was suffering indeed, only he had no time to consider what was going on in his heart. The death minister was so busy, but fortunately for his mother he had so many people working for him that he organized his mother’s transportation to the hospital without being directly involved in it. He promised to be there, but he could not leave this important meeting where he discussed the increasing rate of death among young people. She had lived long enough, I have to take care of the younger generations.

She had the same opinion, of course only when she was lucid. But when she entered the state of paranoia she was impossible. Yet no one dared to ignore her whims. If she wanted them to dance, they would dance, if she wanted them to sing, they would sing, if she wanted to be pampered, they would pamper her. Yet she felt lonely. She was not crazy, she was a dying mother expecting her child. But he would not come.

He did everything to prolong her agony by not coming. She had made a bet, she would not leave this world until she gave him her final bless. The most expensive medicines were brought, although everybody was aware that they were useless. The doctors would ask for impossible things to happen. They were afraid to face the grieving son and to tell him that there was nothing they could do about it. After all he must know it himself. He’s the death minister.

 And she died a week later. She could not resist to be too taken care of so much.

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