Assignment 9

Write the first draft of an analysis on one of the two short stories:
1. ‘Cat in the Rain’ by Ernest Hemingway;
2. ‘The Pedestrian’ by Ray Bradbury.

Deadline: October 26th!

To be taken into consideration!!!

Interpretive Writing

Interpretive writers do more than simply summarize the text they study. Interpretive writing improves understanding by asking a series of good questions. Interpretive writers introduce their own ideas about a text, but they must always back up claims by referring to the text they analyse, or another appropriate source.

Analytical Writing

Analytical writing is like interpretive writing, but goes a bit further. Not only will you provide information, but you will also analyse it. This includes asking “how” and “why.” You will need to take a critical approach to develop an understanding of the topic before writing about it.

Source: Boundless Writing

Good luck!


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