When my love swears that she is made of truth
I do believe her, though I know she lies…
William Shakespeare

The moment he saw them he was out of his senses. He couldn’t think of anything else. He tried in vain to resume his work. The picture of those two passionately kissing each other haunted his mind. Now, he finally understood why she had slipped out of the house the previous night. At last he found out the cause of her constant headaches.

Her headaches! One evening she had gone out on the pretext to buy some painkiller, but she came home empty – handed after midnight. The realization of his deplorable situation made him smile bitterly. What was he to do? He would certainly take revenge on her; he would show her that he was not to be trifled with!

As a matter of fact, he had an inkling of her futility from their first date. He could hardly explain what made him yield to her charms. It wasn’t characteristic of him at all. He, who was always reluctant to enter any kind of relationship, did it without a moment’s hesitation!

He remembered perfectly well, how, from time to time, somebody would pull his leg about her, while he feverously took her side telling that she was misjudged. And now he was sure to cut a foolish figure in the eyes of all his relatives and friends.

He asked himself why she had not kept out of his way. How could he believe that her feelings were as profound as his? Why kissing another in public?

That picture could not give him peace of mind. She had never been so passionate to him. Oh, what a despicable woman she was! So what was he to do? He would do the right thing; he would shut her out of his house and out of his life. Then he would forget her. He even pictured the goodbye scene: he would point with his forefinger towards the door, without loosing his self – control. She would leave the house for good smiling through her tears. He would not listen to her excuses; he would simply throw her into the street. He would disguise his suffering; she would never know. Yes, he would throw her into the street! He would laugh into her face! He would…

He heard the key turning in the lock hole. The door flung open and she ran into the room, fresh and radiant. She was so beautiful in her pink dress that he could not help admiring her.

What was he to do? Revenge? But what for?

“How was your day, hun?”  he muttered.

“Such a bore, don’t ask,” she said. “I’m so tired I can hardly speak. I’m going to bed. When you come make sure you don’t wake me.”

“Your headaches again?” he asked worriedly.

“Them too,” she answered nonchalantly kissing him on his forehead. Then she went to bed.

“I must have made it up,” he thought. “How could such a sweet girl wrong me? I’m such an old fool! Only by looking at her face, one knows she is incapable of infidelity.”

Shortly after he went to bed too. He was careful not to wake her.

“Poor thing,” he sighed, “so young and so sick.”

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