Plural of Nouns


SINGULAR                PLURAL  
1. one bird               two birds

one street             two streets

one rose               a bed of roses

Most nouns add –s in plural
2. one dish                two dishes

one match             two matches

one class               two classes

one box                 two boxes

Nouns ending in –sh, -ch, -ss, and –x, add es in plural
3. one baby               two babies

one city                 two cities

If a noun ends in consonant + y, y is changed into ‘I’ and ‘es’ is added in plural
4. one knife              two knives

one shelf              two shelves

one life                 two lives

one leaf                two leaves

Some nouns ending in f / fe change the ending into –ves in plural

(BUT: chiefs, roofs, beliefs, cuffs)

5. one tomato           two tomatoes

one zoo                two zoos

one zero             two zeroes / zeros

The plural form of nouns that end in –o is sometimes –oes and sometimes –os
6. one child              two children

one foot                two feet

one goose             two geese

one man               two men

one mouse           two mice

one tooth             two teeth

one woman          two women

one person           two people

Some nouns have irregular plural forms
7. one deer               two deer

one fish                two fish

one sheep             two sheep

one offspring        two offspring

one species           two species

one means            two means

The plural form of some nouns is the same as the singular form.
8. one bacterium      two bacteria

one cactus            two cacti

one crisis              two crises

one phenomenon/ two phenomena

Some nouns borrowed in English have kept the foreign plural form


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