Past Simple

Regular Verbs

We form Past Simple by adding -ed to the verb: V+ed: He opened the book and discovered a whole new world full of adventures and passions. He started reading more  books and wanted to write one himself.
!!! However, verbs that end in -e ad just -d: He realized the importance of literature in a person’s life and dicided to tell this to his calassmates. He managed to arouse their curiosty. in a way, he inspired them to slef-discovery.
!!! Verbs ending in a consonant follwed by y, change y into i and add the ending -ed: You studied hard and you tried to do your best, while your friend played hooky.
!!! Verbs ending in a single vowel followed by a single consonant in stressed position, double the consonant and add -ed: I stopped in the middle of the street and chatted about this and that with a friend of mine. We quckly dropped the subject of marriage and hopped to that of divorce.

Irregular Verbs

When it comes to these ‘disturbingly annoying’ verbs, there’s no other option but to learn them by heart from the second column of the list of irregular verbs you can find in GOOD dictionaries. Remember the first in the row is the infinitive, the second is the form of past simple which is invariable for all the persons, and the third is the past participle (you’ll need this form for Present Perfect and Past Perfect).

When you made up your mind to study English, you knew that it would not be a piece of cake. You had the ardent desire to walk all the paths of English and you found your own. You saw the beuty of this language and thought of the beauty of your native language. You felt extreme pleasure in this process of learning. You thought English. You ate English. You felt English. My friend, you ARE the best student!!!

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