Have you a got a pen?

In British English we often use have got instead of have when the meaning is ‘possess’:

I have got a new Camera.                                     I have a nes camera.
I haven’t got any paper.                                        I don’t have any paper.
Have you got a pen?                                              Do you have a pen?
He’s got brown eyes and black hair.                    He has brown eyes and black hgair.

Have got means exactly the same as have in these uses; got is an ’empty’ word here. Have got is more informal; we use it very often in conversation and, for, example, when we write to friends.

When we talk about something that happens repeatedly, we normally use have, not have got. Compare:

I often have headaches.                                 / I’ve got a terrible headache at the moment.
I don’t usually have much time for lunch.  / I haven’t got much time today.

We do not use have (got) in the continuous form when the meaning is ‘possess‘.

We do not use got in short answers.

Have you got a pen?’ ‘Yes, I have.’

Present form of have got.

Long form                                  Short form
I have got                                   I’ve got
you have got                              you’ve got
he has got                                   he’s got
she has got                                 she’s got
it has got                                     it’s got
we have got                               we’ve got
you have got                             you’ve got
they have got                           they’ve got


Long form                                 Short form
I have not got                           I haven’t got
you have not got                      you haven’t got
he has not got                           he hasn’t got
she has not got                         she hasn’t got
it has not got                            it hasn’t got
we have not got                       we haven’t got
you have not got                     you haven’t got
they have not got                   they haven’t got


Have I got?
Have you got?
Has he got?
Has he got?
Has it got?
Have we got?
Have you got?
Have they got?

Short answers to general questions!!!

Have you got a pen?                          Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
Have they got a new car?                 Yes, they have. / No, they, haven’t 

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