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Top news!!!

Sad but true: SUMMER IS OVER. So the long break from school will end in a few days. Yet, look at the brighter side: you’ll soon be studying hard over another linguistic theory or discovering some new facts in the … Continue reading

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My summer adventures (Student’s draft)

Summer… vacation… adventures… I can’t say that I had the best summer in my life. Vacation is that time that we spent with our families, friends or just for us, we have the chance to take a break from our … Continue reading

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My summer vacacantion (Student’s draft)

My summer vacacantion came later than in other years,but for me it was a more interesting and exciting vacantion.I start my vacantion whit same days off than I decided to go to spend two week from my vacantion at my … Continue reading

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My holiday! (Student’s draft)

Holyday passed unnoticed, was a fleeting moment, during the summer I stayed home with my family and with friends. Sunday go to church to pray for my soul and my family. Every moment that passed was thought lost. I miss … Continue reading

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My Experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

When I was  child ,  I had a  big dream  “ to see White House from Washington and Eiffel Tower from France.   Over the time , I forgot about my dream.  When  I finished  high school, after the exams I … Continue reading

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My English summer adventures (Student’s draft)

After my hard and busy school year my summer holidays began. I felt happy and began to plan a lot of wonderful things to do during my summer vacation. I think summer is the best season of all because it … Continue reading

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My experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

My first year as a student was an interesting one. I thought that at the university will be like at school, but I was wrong. I wanted to improve my English, that’s why I was there, at the Faculty of … Continue reading

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