She looked at her enormous bed and the emptiness of the cold white sheets made her shudder.
She was expecting Him for breakfast.

Water was boiling in the kettle…
She laid the table in a snug, familiar way as if he had always lived there. As usually, he would enter the kitchen, kiss her forehead and have breakfast. He would say nothing. There would be only the sound of the sizzling sausages in the fry pan. It would be her who would have the role of a chatterbox. She would tell him how she wanted to prepare some porridge at first. Then she turned her attention to cornflakes, but it sounded so prosaic. She hesitated a lot between bacon and beefsteak, so it was not a surprise she made some sandwiches during such a trying deliberation. Oh, hadn’t he noticed, she never lost time. She did not even forget to put olive dressing instead of mustard. She knew he hated it! Oh, hadn’t he noticed, she never mixed things. She cut a thin slice of bread and covered it with a thin layer of butter. Oh, but it was so ridiculous to have sandwiches and bread and butter at the same time. They would laugh. She would serve him fried sausages and two boiled eggs. Oh, he was surprised she knew what he liked to have in the morning. She would take that mysterious look so that he saw how many things there were stored for him to discover. She was the undisclosed depth of the ocean where he would like to be drowned in the sweet waters of her love. They would laugh heartily, and then he would ask for a hot cup of coffee. She would jump to bring it. But then she remembered she had run out of coffee…
She was expecting Him for lunch.

Soup was boiling in the pan…
She laid the table in a proper way. No time for dreams, no time for talk when time is money. He would come and see that she was conscious of how busy he was during that part of the day. She would not even think of interrupting him from work. The plates, the glasses, the spoons, the forks, the knives were placed properly on the table ready to be used. The bread – cut in thin slices, the fresh salad – filled with dressing, the soup – bubbling invitingly, the chicken – winking from the oven. Yes, she had done all by herself. Oh, no trouble at all. She knew he did not eat salad unless it was fresh. She was aware what harm packet soup did to his health. She could not forget he liked to have chicken for lunch. A piece of cake. Oh, hadn’t he noticed… Sorry, no time for that… Of course she understood. Oh, how could she forget to fill the glasses with mineral water? It must have happened when she went to check on the chicken. The glass would be filled in no time. Of course she knew what kind of mineral water he preferred. It was rather expensive, but she would never buy anything he found unwholesome. Oh, hadn’t he noticed… Sorry no time for that. Of course she understood. Would there be anything for desert? Did he need one when he had her? Sorry no time for that… Of course she understood. She would serve him ice cream. Vanilla ice cream? She knew he liked no other. Ouch! The soup was too hot! She would run to bring some cream from the fridge to cool it. But then she remembered she had run out of cream.
She was expecting Him for dinner.

Blood was boiling in her veins…
She laid the table in a romantic way. She could think of nothing else but: Would he finally notice? The candles were lit and the main courses ready to be served. She would treat him like a special guest, like her only master. Would he fail to enjoy Italian food at the candlelight? He was a connoisseur of the Italian food, so she made sure she did not do anything wrong. He would not be able to hide his surprise. Of course there was no trouble at all. Hadn’t he noticed how she loved to please him? She was a dream come true to every man. He would be so lucky to have her. Hadn’t he noticed he already possessed her? Oh, it was not intended to be said aloud. He would not take advantage of this, would he? That was supposed to remain a secret. He would look into her eyes, and that look would comfort her. It would say to trust him. Oh, how silly of her to bother him with her fears. No, no, no it was wrong. She would not say a word, she would not complain, she would just smile, inviting him to dare to take advantage of her. He would open the bottle of Champaign he was expected to bring with him and they would be drowned in the bubbles of that liquor of love…
And he did come…but not to Her!
She looked at her enormous bed and the emptiness of the cold red sheets made her shudder.

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