Jane Austen

Jane Austen is a timeless classic whose novels still thrill and excite the modern reader. She vividly depicts the sophisticated atmosphere of her time and the intricate relations existing among the people of the higher society.

It is interesting to note that Jane Austen wrote her books in an age of turmoil, an age where the French Revolution shook Europe and shocked the aristocrats by the power of masses. Yet, Jane Austen is so detached from this. Her novels are calm instances of the society confronting their everyday needs. What she cherished was the beauty of a serene family life. She understood its utmost importance in a person’s life and she promoted family values. Although she never married she strove for her female characters’  happiness in marriage.

At the beginning her works were not published, and it is easy to understand why: She was merely a woman! But once she was published she became very popular. People enjoyed reading her novels, descovering the ture state of the high society, its hypocrysy as well as its rare positive representatives. Her novels always end well, as the good will always overcome the evil. Her protagonists are looking for their happiness. They are straitforward young women who do not merely want to marry but also to be respected and loved by their husbands. Very often they suffer dramatic changes in the course of the story; some of them are sensible, others are sensitive but they all are intelligent and honest, and, what is most important, you are bound to like them and to sympathize with them.

It is never late to start reading her books as you are sure to enjoy them all!!! So I wish you an enjoyable discovery mission in Jane Austen’s novels

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