Assignment 7

Let’s start a discussion page on what a good short story analysis should consist of. Please write your ideas in the comment section and post them below this page.

Deadline: October 15!!!

19 Responses to Assignment 7

  1. cazacaurica says:

    Analysis of a short story I think should include the following:
    1. The analysis of the plot structure(introduction,rising action, climax, falling action, denouement).
    2. The characterisation of each character of the short story.
    3. The analysis of the conflict.
    4. The personal opinion of the reader.

  2. Alina Gamureac says:

    In my opinion, the analysis of a short story should be based on certain key points. One should begin to analyse with the setting (where and when the action takes place).
    Then, there comes the description of all the characters from the story.
    An issue that can be related to characters is the presence of the narrator. There rises the question if the narrator and the main character is the same person.
    As the plot and structure are quite important to an analysis there are some issues related to them. While speaking about plot and structure one should notice what is the most important event within the story, how is the structure, is the plot credible or not.
    When it comes the conflict that can be either internal or external. After the conflict, there is the climax. One should notice when the climax happens in the story.
    One can’t analyse a story without mentioning what the theme of the story is.
    If one does want, he/she can write about the style used by the author. He/she can write about stylistic devices if there are some.
    The analysis of an short story may look like an essay where one can state his/her own opinion at the end. He/she can described the most liked character from the story and give arguments.

    • vickycondrat says:

      Should the analysis of stylistic devices be included in such a type of writing?

      • Alina Gamureac says:

        Maybe I am wrong, I wanted to mention that one should pay attention if the author uses some symbols, metaphors and comparisons which help to create certain images in the short story. In some cases if the author uses “like” or “as” and when he/she don’t use “like” or “as”.

  3. Alina Gamureac says:

    he/she DOESN’T*

    • vickycondrat says:

      and how do you integrate this in your analysis? I don’t quite understand what you wanted to say in the last sentence. And there’s no need to correct your grammar here 🙂

  4. Nadia says:

    In my opinion a good short story analysis should consist of:
    1st. A certain structure, like the structure of an essay : introduction – body – conclusion;
    2nd . It should have a topic sentence( in the introductory paragraph) which should be developed in the rest of the essay with the help of supporting ideas explanations and textual evidence;
    3rd. There always should be a concluding paragraph that will summarize the main points from the essay , it is like a paraphrasing of the topic sentence.

  5. Analyzing a short story one should remember, first of all, that he/she is not required to retell the story. It is necessary to show a personal reaction to the work, developing it with arguments. Each idea and opinion should be proved with examples from the text.
    At first one should read the story for several times and then:
    – find the main theme of the story
    – identify the ideas that support and develop the theme
    – identify the conflict of the story
    – identify whether there is an introduction, rising action, climax, and denouement.
    An analysis may also include characterization of the characters.
    When all this is done the story should be reread. One who analyses should put all his thoughts together, make sure that each his/her thought is proved and start writing the analysis in the form of an essay. It should consist of introduction which includes: a very brief summary of the story, some information like who is the author of the story and when it was published. Then follows the body, and conclusion. Conclusion should include the attitude, personal reaction to the story.

  6. From my point of view a good short story analysis consists of some features which are important in implementation of written work. The short story should be re-read several times, and finally to identify the main writer’s ideas and to support them showing the facts from the text.
    Moreover the analyzer should revel the main character / characters, to describe him based on his speech and actions and the information given from the text.
    To noticed where and when the action takes place. To reveal the conflict of the story and how it was resolved. To find out the climax of the short story and to make a conclusion .

  7. A good short story analysis should contain:
    1. description of the settings of the story
    2. plot
    3. structure
    4. characterisation of the characters
    5. conflicts/themes/ideas
    6. personal point of view as a concluding paragraph

  8. nastelu22 says:

    In my opinion, a good analysis of a short story should be based on several key points:
    1st the writer should read for several times the story in order to understand it.
    2nd he/she should select and write the theme and idea of the story and to comment on them.
    3rd then I think it may come the short summary of the story without introducing our personal reaction to the characters ‘behavior.
    4th a paragraph about the structure of the story : exposition, rising action, climax, and denouement.
    5th the writer can introduce a paragraph about the characterization of the characters.
    6th also it is important to introduce examples from the story while pointing out some characteristics of a character.
    7th a concluding paragraph. Here the writer can introduce his personal opinion or compare the story with the other short story.

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