Anne Haritonova & Kate Popova

–    (Anne) After studying «Frankenstein» written  by Mary Shelley, we began to debate on some      questions.

–       (Kate)The main question in which we differ is who is the real monster: Victor or his creation?

–       (Anne )And who do you consider a real monster?

–       (Kate) While I was reading Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, I came to the conclusion that Victor is one who can be named a “MONSTER”.

–       (Anne )But why? What about Victor`s creation. It killed innocent William , poor Elizabeth, Victor`s friend Henry Clerval, and Justine , who was condemned for the crime this wretch commited.

–       (Kate) Victor created a human being without thinking about consequences, he didn’t think how the society will accept this being. Frankenstein left his creation all alone without caring what will he do in this world without knowing anything.

–       (Anne) You are right. But we should understand him. When he at first saw his creation he was shocked and scared. He didn`t know what to do with it.

–       (Kate) If he was afraid of his own creature in which he put all the forces, which he desired so much to create. And why didn’t he think that other people will be for sure afraid of the wretch?

–       (Kate) Let’s remember how it starts. Let’s see how was the hero before the events that completely changed him.

Since childhood Victor a happy, cheerful, friendly and sociable boy. His attitude towards his cousin Elizabeth was gentle and sweet. Victor was grown up at the well-to-do parents, who loved each over, who were the example of love, respect and understanding.

It’s even difficult to imagine how in such an exemplary family could grew a person who can create a being which will be dangerous for the human.

–  –  –  (Anne) He was blinded with his work. From the moment he started reading Cornelius Agrippa, Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus-«the lords of his imagination, as he named them- he as though, began to go mad. He lost the interest to everything, that surrounded him. He lost interest to life. His only aim was to create this being.But when he at last created it , he understood that he didn`t get that he imagined to get. He realized that he  gave life to something horrible.  And he couldn`t think at that very moment that he can be the danger for other people. I agree that this is awful. But the only fact that can justify him, even a little, that he was not in his right mind.

So then, we can say that both Victor and his creation are monsters in some way. On the one hand, Victor`s creation is a monster, because he killed people, who were not guilty in his miserable fate. If he wanted to take revenge he had to do it only towards Victor, who can be considered as his «father» , and was responsible for him. And on the other hand , Victor is a monster too, because as you mentioned, he left this dangerous being.

– (Kate) From the very beginning the Victor’s creation wasn’t cruel. He wanted to communicate with people, he helped the cottagers, he wanted Felix and Agatha to become his friends.

But when the “wretch” saw that everyone whom he meets is afraid of him and even severe, he also felt the cruelty and he understood that they can hurt him.

He thought “The gentle words of Agatha, and the animated smiles of the charming Arabian, were not for me. The mild exhortations of the old man, and the lively conversation of the loved Felix, were not for me. Miserable, unhappy wretch!”

He felt so miserably, unhappy and unnecessary, that his only wish became to make his creation Victor felt himself the same way.

While he was observing the cottagers, he understood that the most painful for people is to lose their close men. So, the wretch decided to revenge by killing those who victor loved.

– (Anne) Whom do you sympathize to in this story?

– (Kate) I sympathize William, Justine, Elizabeth, Henry and Victor’s father. They are absolutely innocent, they suffered because of Victor’s stupidity and his crazy idea about creating a human being with human feelings, habits, thoughts, which is doomed to be lonely. 

Victor’s relatives’ life wasn’t simple and carefree, but they were happy. Victor took away their joy and happiness. Their misfortune began with Justune’s hanging, and then it continued with the others deaths. Elizabeth suffered a lot because of her friend death and she always thought about this, she also thought that she is guilty in William’s death, because she gave him his mother medallion. Poor Henry was murdered by the wretch, and he, Victor’s beloved friend was too innocent, too miserable, and too young.

Victor’s father was unhappy because every day he saw his unhappy children, and in the end he died knowing that his beloved adopted daughter is murdered. So, I think that all these innocent people are the most miserable in that book.

–       And what about you?

–       (Anne) I sympathize both of them. Victor was crazy about his job, he didn`t realize what ia he doing. And I`m very sorr y   to his  creation. He was left all alone without any knowledge, any help. Nobody loved him. He felt so miserable. Especially we can see it when he describes  Victor his thoughts: « Hateful day when I received life! Accursed creator!Why did you form a monsterso hideous  that even you turned from me in disgust?… Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and incourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred». It is very painful , I think, to feel loneliness.

–       (Anne) In your opinion, what is the main idea of this story. What does it teach the readers?|

–       (Kate) I think, and I am sure you agree with me that the main idea of the story is that we are responsible for those whom we tamed. Maybe if Victor took care about his creature, the story would be absolutely another.

(Anne) Thank you for attention)) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcela Sirbu

It is really interesting how a man wanted to fight with death by creating a new creature from the body parts of dead people. Beacause he was a clever man he wanted with the help of science change the concept of ‘life”. But instead he brought about destruction.

Victor created a monster, that in fact wasn’t from the beginning but he became  after he saw that by doing bad things he got what he wanted.

I liked how the monster compared himself with Adam, the last one was the God’s perfect creation but the monster was hideously formed, he wasn’t perfect at all.
The fact that Victor didn’t want to creat another creature  I think is more than correct. Victor understood what a terrible mistake he’ve done and he didn’t want to repeat it. He didn’t want to creat a “race of devils”.

But I didn’t like all the tragical events that were happening in Victor’s life. May be all this horror happened because he dared to create a human being that only God has right to create. After Victor understood what he had done, he left the monster and went away. He was supposed to fix everything bad that he had done, and then may be nothing bad had happened.

The creature wasn’t a monster, he tried to find his place in this world, I n human society. Alone, he learned to read and speak, he has a beautiful soul but hideously formed. With the help with the Victor he would found his place in this world. But he was alone, wretched and helpless.

This book gives you the chance to work with your imagination. You have a lot of questions to yourself, about life and death, bad and good…

It is something different from what we use to read and I enjoyed reading it.

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