Charecter Sketch 3 (Student’s draft)

The main character of the wich is also the narrator of the novel is Judy, a young girl. The novel is written in form of the letters that Judy writes to her guardian, whom she has  never seen.

Judy was brought up in an orphan asylum, there she had a poor life, children were bad treated there, they were badly fed and had to were other people’s cast-off clothes. No matter this, Judy was a very bright girl among the others and that is why her guardian sent her to college.

She didn’t have anyone to whom she might wright so she wrote to her guardian about everything was happening in her new life.

She told him that the college “gets nicer and nicer”, that she liked the girls and the teachers, and the campus and the food. She was a clever girl, friendly an sociable although the trouble with the college was that she didn’t have all the knowledge that her fellows had. Because she was a kind and communicable girl she didn’t stay quite when her fellows were discussing, till she made some mistakes and everybody laughed. From that point, she acted smarter, when she didn’t know the words about girls were talking around her, she looked them up in the encyclopedia.
She studied hard, and already she knew a lot being as bright as her fellows and even brighter than some of them.

She was a poor soul, that had no one near her so that she could tell everything that was happening to her. She was so surprised when she received money from ‘’Daddy Long-Legs” so that she wrote him what she had bought with the money. She didn’t bought any cakes, toys,…but the most important she needed, five things and two of them were poems and a dictionary, to enlarge her vocabulary. And she is  a thankful girls” I am very much obliged  for my presents.”
She knows she is a bright and a hard working girl, but after she writes that she bought silk stockings and would go to sit on Julia Pendleton’s couch, so that she could see that Judy also has stockings. Judy writes “You see the miserable creature that I am-but at least I’m honest.”She is sincere, that she had never had silk stockings in her life and that she wanted to be like other girls ,she said the true that not every girl would confess.

Daddy didn’t write her letters and she honestly wrote him that if he her letters bored him he can toss them into the waste-basket. Anyways, she wanted to write about her news adventures to somebody, and that was Daddy Long-Legs.

Daddy Long –Legs is another character of the novel. He is the guardian of the young Judy a  richman, whom he has never seen. He didn’t write no letters to Judy, he only sent money for her education. Because Judy didn’t know anything about her guardian, only that he was very tall that is why she called him ”Daddy Long-Legs”. No matter what there was a hope that the  guardian didn’t toss the latters into the waste-basket but he would answer them.

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