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Character Sketch 2 (Student’s draft)

 Anne Meets her Class  The best way to behave is to misbehave.  Mary Jane West I think that this quote is suitable to our text because there is treated the topic about behaviour in it. This text is about the first … Continue reading

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Character Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

 ” I Like Politics,but I Hate Politicians! “ This text is about a boy who was waiting impatiently together with his family  for the meeting with a politician.But,unfortunately,at the end of the text we can notice that he remained disappointed because … Continue reading

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Summer reading 3 (Student’s draft)

Sons and lovers by D. H. Lawrence     This is a story about one family who lived poorly. The head of the family, Mr. Morel was a poor miner. Mrs. Morel was always upset because of her drinking husband. They … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern :) (Student’s draft)

Dear Peter, For the beginnig I want to say that I was very happy to receive a letter from you and I decided to write you a letter too. I can say about myself that I have already passed my … Continue reading

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Who Am I? (Student’s draft)

Everybody ia a part of this world.I am also a small part of this great world.So,this means that I exist and I’m Somebody. Maybe I’m not so important for someone but at the same time I’m a valuable part in … Continue reading

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Places of interest (Student’s draft)

The City of Capitals, official English name:Capital City is a multifunctional complex.There are two skyscrapers.It is located on plot 9 in the International Business Center Moscow City in Moscow.The City of Capitals is the symbol of Moscow and St. Petersburg.It … Continue reading

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My house (Student’s draft)

I live in the village Bulboaca,district Briceni.My house is near the center of our village.It’s a new house,about thirty-five years old and it’s not big,but it is comfortable and nice.It is one-storey house.In front of the house we have a … Continue reading

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