One battle lost, the next, please!

To perceive life as a battlefield is wrong. Life is life, and there are ups and downs. There are moments when everything turns black, and then there are also sunny moments full of warmth and satisfaction. Yet, in most cases there are moments of relative stability when you feel OK. Probably, these are the moments which should be appreciated most, whereas becoming aware of their significance in your well-being should be a top priority.

Happiness is to be found in small things. Happiness is to be seen in your routine. Happiness is to be discovered in your daily activities which bring a sense of accomplishment. Happiness (or whatever its name is) is to be felt every time you do something you like.

The thing is I’ve decided to rebel against myself and fight against my own beliefs and ideas. I thought that I had to do this as I had to get away from my comfort zone. Yet, I was not attentive to my feelings and I didn’t trust my gut. I let others to outline the boundaries of my comfort zone. And, oh boy, how wrong I was!

The moment you turn away from your goal and decide to betray your beliefs you should get ready to pay a high price for this. And it has nothing to do with the comfort zone. If the challenge you got stupid enough to take is not the one connected to your dreams, then, my friend, you’re doomed to fail, I’m afraid. I wish I had understood this earlier, before I had to break down both physically and nervously.

Yet, it’s not too late to make a dramatic change. And I WILL make it, no matter what the cost 🙂 I won’t be duped anymore into believing that what others want me to do is actually what I want to do. No more. Thank you. I will just follow my path with ups and downs, and work hard to achieve my dreams.

Hold close to dreams… 😉

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