When teachers make mistakes

I always look for ways to make the learning process more inspiring. It turns quite challenging to actually motivate learners. Sometimes they seem to be so disconnected and bored that you might be on the point to give up. Yet, cracking a joke and making a radical change always help.

However, there’s another motivational strategy one should consider applying. I’ve discovered that students get extremely satisfied when they manage to trace a mistake a teacher has made. Their satisfaction is hard to describe. They feel so empowered and, above all, so inspired that one might seriously consider making mistakes more often.

So instead of shaming students, one should actually encourage to openly criticize the teacher, and to look for mistakes. The idea is that learners should not look at the teacher as the ultimate source of information, but rather as a source to challenge.

Learning will be great fun if learners are detectives who investigate, question, discover. Pure heaven 🙂

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