It’s been an interesting year and I’m grateful for everything that it has given to me. I don’t know what 2017 has planned for me but I’m ready for everything it has there. I know that everything depends on the perspective I’m looking at things. So if I’m down, I’ll see it as a tragedy, if I’m up to the sky I’ll see it as a blessing. That’s why I want positive thinking more than else in the coming year, because if I think positive, positive things happen to me, otherwise it’s a total collapse. I need to temper my moody character, but then this is what makes me unique 🙂 I am happy that I managed to understand this particular trait of mine and embrace it. It’s difficult to wait but not impossible. I wonder if the year of the rooster will bring more patience to me 🙂 If not, please have patience with me 🙂 Love and blessings to everyone I know and to those I’m going to know in the coming year.

I don’t wish the same to the others as I strongly believe that each person has their own needs.  That is why I always wish to people  what they wish to themselves. Happy New Year!!! 🙂


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One Response to 2016

  1. So may you find patience with yourself while learning new ways to deal with your emotions. However your emotional outbursts are beautiful, as they make you alive. Got I have started to value that so much in 2016.

    Agapi, thank you for being and sharing your time and life with me the past 2 years.

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