Reasoning :)

There are things that get to me. Things seemingly unrelated to me, because they do not involve me or any of the people I love and care about directly. Yet, they make me extremely sad. I’ve recently noticed that, as a rule, such things involve my inability to understand the reasons that lie behind certain actions, words, unspoken silences. So, instead of ignoring what should be ignored I start spending a lot of energy trying to understand the whats and whys of I don’t know what. And, as a rule, I end up again and again angry with myself for persisting in wasting my time in vain. But maybe instead of being angry, I should accept this stubbornness of mine, as, after all, I should be stubborn like this for a reason. Consequently, as I can’t understand its reason why shall I fret about other reasons when everything happens for a reason. Thus, it becomes useless to reason with myself when there’s no reason at all in doing it as what happens for a reason does not involve my reason, but somebody else’s reason. I’m not even mentioning the cases when I can’t understand MY reason, as I see absolutely no reason in reasoning like this. I think it’s reasonable enough for a lazy Sunday afternoon 🙂

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