Love liberates…

Love yourself! First and foremost! Liberate yourself from your own prison full of past shadows of discontent and failures. They keep you chained to the mountain of regrets and useless ifs; whereas the eagle of your fears and insecurities tear all your heart apart. You are unaware that you are stuck somewhere in the past and that it’s actually you who won’t let it go. Just do it. Do it now. Just love yourself. Just see the beauty in your eyes, smile. embrace everything you have and be proud of it. As you are perfect! If others are blind to see it, it’s their problem, not yours! But how do you expect others to notice it if you’re the one who is ashamed of your own perfection!

Love your family! Truly and unconditionally! Your parents gave you life and always stood by you. They showed their love in their own way, maybe a way you couldn’t understand at the time, but they did everything to make a perfect creation for this world. Do not waste their energy that flows in your veins to be spent in vain. Think tenderly about them, do not blame them, and have a special place for them in your heart. Do not call them to tell that life sucks, just call them to ask about their well-being, and listen! Listen when they’re repeating the same story all over again, and listen attentively as if it were the first time you heard it. Listen to their complaints about the government policies and how noisy the new neighbour is. Listen to their nagging about what a mess you have become recently and that you should change your hairstyle or buy something more suitable for a person like you. Just listen. Listen to their heartbeat and feel the bliss that you still can see the smile on their faces when they see you, their imperfect perfection.

Love your children (definitely if you have any). Simply and gently! They are your own perfect creation to this world. But do not smother them in your love. Let them breathe. Let them be free. Let them take risks. Let them assume responsibilities for the choices they make. Let them make their own mistakes. You are there only to remind them that they are perfect the way they are and that they should never give up on their dreams, ideals, goals. You are there only to encourage them and hope that one day they will listen to your never-ending stories. They should only know that they will be always welcome in your house, but they should not be kept imprisoned inside its walls. Let them fly.

Love your siblings and friends. Sincerely and affectionately! They are your perfect copy, and the entire universe conspired so that you have them.They are there for you when you’re in need. They are there for you when you’re on cloud nine. They are there for you to share your glory and sorrow. They are there for you to remind you how perfect you are. Talk to them and let them talk to you. Always. About this and that. About happiness and grief. About love and life. About disappointments and achievements. About this and that, and cherish their friendship without invading their territory.

Love your partner. Intensely and passionately! If you find the one, work hard to keep the relationship going. There are ups and downs. There are silences and fears. There are scandals and misunderstandings. Make sure your partner knows why you’re silent or why you’re crying. Make sure your partner knows that you are actually afraid to lose him. Make sure that you didn’t mean to actually hurt him when you were shouting at him. Make sure that he knows what you only assume that he might know (very often it’s only your imagination going wild, and no matter how hard he loves you he will never be able to understand the logic of your imagination). You are perfect to him, but you’re still a mystery. So help him understand you. Help him caress you. Help him love you. Help him be part of your life. He needs just a little bit of help, only make sure you’re not suffocating him with your love. Let him be free together with you. Enjoy your free togetherness.

Love the world. Openly and tenderly! If you think the world has turned their back on you, maybe you should reconsider your direction. Maybe they are having a rough time. Maybe they didn’t notice. Maybe they didn’t mean to hurt you. So before jumping to hasty conclusions, just wait patiently and be open to the world. You can’t force your way, you just wait to be accepted. Just the way you are. Always perfect and free. When you’re ready the world will also be ready. And you’ll enjoy the freedom of being part of this world.

Enjoy the freedom of love. Hear the inner voice from within. Here you are. Unchained. Free. Ready to love and be loved. First and foremost! Truly and unconditionally! Simply and gently! Sincerely and affectionately! Intensely and passionately! Openly and tenderly!

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