Let’s agree to differ!

I’ve recently met an old friend of mine. We’re different but in our childhood we got along quite well. We used to play with dolls a loooot. And we had fun! We were quite naive and rather sweet with those dolls. We used to sit for hours in the so called ‘park’, and dress, and feed, and comb our dolls. When we got older, and it became silly to play with dolls, we somehow stopped seeing each other. Then she moved to another city and I only heard about her from her mother. I always wished her well and I’m pretty sure she also remembered about me with a smile.

When she moved abroad, I didn’t judge her. I think every person should pursue their dreams, as this is the only way of becoming happy, or at least of trying to become so. She succeeded in something, she failed in other things, but she liked the way she lived. Now, let’s say, she’s temporarily living in her home country. She dreams to get away as soon as possible. And this is fine. It’s her right, her decision, her dream! And one should never stop realizing their dreams. I will support her and give my encouragement. Always!

Yet, there’s something that bothers me. Why do people judge my decision to want to come back? It’s a bit annoying when you’re told ‘I can’t understnad why you don’t want to stay there’. To me it’s kind of an euphemism to ‘How can you be so stupid?’ The shock I see in their eyes bothers me. I’ve always thought that it’s not the place that makes you happy, it’s you who makes the place happy. It’s about your attitude, it’s about how deep-rooted you are, it’s about certain values you have. It’s about YOU and no one else has the right to judge your decision.

It’s true there are many problems in this country and sometimes they get me down (the recent elections got me depressed for quite a while). Corruption is blossoming, and so on. But I still want to get back.

Definitely, life is unpredictable. Maybe my attitude will change, I don’t know. But please, don’t judge me now. I’m not crazy, I’m just being myself, and this is the way I feel at the moment. Let’s agree to differ 🙂

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