To be happy or not to be happy, that is the question!

You have to be ready for everything that comes into your life. It’s not only about misfortunes that are to be borne, it’s about happiness that might knock on your door as well!

Shockingly, it can turn out that you are not ready to be happy! It suddenly looks like it is a terrible risk to get wings and fly freely in the immensity of the sky. This is how you end up constantly drowning in the misery swamp, lamenting over broken dreams, and over the odds that are not in your favour. (After all isn’t it culturally specific?)

The seeming safety of the familiar bog becomes so alluring in front of the unkown. The comfort zone! The bog is here at hand; whereas the sky is up there and it takes courage only to dare. The bog is killing you softly, even lovingly; whereas the sky does not give you any guarantee that you will succeed to survive the first thunderstorm. The bog tenderly is caressing your body with its muddy soft fists; whereas the sky offers only space and freedom, and you might get seriously injured in case of falling. The bog is lying genuinely pretending to protect you; whereas the sky cannot hide anything and you are expected to finally assume full responsibility for the decisions you make.

So far, you’ve been told what to do, and how to feel. What to do when you are in position to question? The problem is that the bog makes people blind, the sky enables people to see. The bog makes people deaf, the sky enables people to hear. The bog makes people tamed, the sky enables people to rebel. The bog makes people boggy, the sky enables people to think. And sometimes using one’s brains becomes quite an endeavour.

The bog is your choice deliberately made, why not make the sky a better option? You might fall, but it’s worth the risk as you will finally be alive! And then what will stop you from getting up and resume your flight? You have to want to be happy and know that you deserve to be happy and let the bog of your past fears dry!

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