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  1. Alina Gamureac says:

    Dear audience,

    Hello! I am here to comment on this analysis. The first thing that I have noticed is the absence of the consecutivity of tenses. There is present simple, then past simple, then again present simple, especially in the 2nd paragraph, “was written”, then “seems”. Then is one sentence using of both past simple and present simple: ”disregarded” and “are to be found”.
    I think that there is no transition between the paragraphs of the analysis. They do not connect with each other. In addition, in the 3rd paragraph the author of this analysis passes directly to the climax, and then is no connection between the ideas within the paragraph, like they are separate ideas.
    “a surprise ending”, maybe “a surprised ending”?
    I don’t understand what is the 6th paragraph is about.
    To be sincere, after I have read the whole analysis, anyway I don’t understand anything. It is very confusing to me. So many unknown words and terminology there seems to be. And there is no smooth transition or logical connection between all the paragraphs from the analysis.
    In comparison with the first one, I consider that analysis is much better and understandable to me.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Nadia says:

    I agree with Alina that this analysis is confusing. In my opinion there are a lot of good ideas and things written in it , but there is no coherence between the paragraphs and this fact makes the reader become confused while reading this analysis.

  3. cazacaurica says:

    I have read this analysis several times, and I came to the conclusion that I did not quiet understand it. The topic sentence does not reveal the whole analysis. The author speaks about the feelings of Mrs. Mallard then passes to the gender role in the society. There is no connection between one idea and another. The second paragraph contains a lot of details which are not important. There are too much quotes from the text. In my opinion this analysis should be reformulated, the author needs to be more coherent in order to have a good connection between paragraphs and ideas.

  4. Cosneti Livia says:

    I agree with my fellows and in my opinion this analysis has a lack of coherence between the paragraphs and it is not well structured. I’m referring to the organization of ideas which are not connected between them, the author presents an idea then goes on with another. For example in the second paragraph the author presents what the story seems to focus on and Mrs. Mallard’s feelings, then he or she quickly passes to the analysis of the stylistic devices. I can suggest him/her to pay attention to the problems which the story deals with after mentioning Mrs. Mallard’s feelings and to have a new paragraph for the stylistic devices. I also agree with Alina that the tenses are entangled, somewhere the author uses Present Simple somewhere Past Simple.

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