On true teachers, teaching and teachability

True teachers are those people who devote their love and patience to kindle the flame of curiosity in their student’s mind so that eventually this flame turns into an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Very often, they are mistakenly considered as mere givers of knowledge: mechanical robots who are programmed to insert specific information in the student’s brains. If things were like this, I’m afraid you would be living in a society so minutely described by Ray Bradbury, a society of total oblivion and indifference where boring mechanical metal voices govern your life.

Fortunately, true teachers are far from being robots. They are, in a way, programmed to encourage and inspire by their vocation. They are there to show the multitude of options you could choose from. Indeed, nowadays, when so many voices are buzzing around to know the ultimate truth, you might feel at a loss. That is why, you might need somebody to help you open the right door, and who will let you enter it all by yourself. As learning is above all a discovery you are to make on your own.

This might be scary and you might feel insecure. But then again, true teachers would whisper gently into your ears that you CAN do everything if you really want to. They are the ones to inspire you to want more, to set goals and realize them, but, above all, to believe in yourself!

This is what makes teaching an art. Although the canvas to be worked on is very delicate, true teachers create wonderful pieces of art that allows you to stand apart as an individual capable of voicing their own thoughts and ideas.

Teaching is also about setting an example. If your teacher is dynamic and full of energy you would follow their example. You’ll inheret the same gene of wanting to learn on and on. And, thus, you would arrive at the natural conclusion that teaching is, above all, to make you realize that your education is an ongoing process, which is not supposed to stop the moment your class is over. And it is especially after graduation that true teachers’ presence is bound to govern your life and to inspire you.

Allow true teachers do their job and make this world better 🙂

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4 Responses to On true teachers, teaching and teachability

  1. Alina Gamureac says:

    Dear teacher,

    I like your masterpiece very much. There are so many beautiful words and you are absolutely right. And I can say proudly that you are one of the truest teachers all over the world. I am very proud of you. To meet you was the greatest gift in my life. You inspired me a lot, you gave me the power to go on and to believe in myself. You whispered gently into my ears that I CAN do everything if I really want to. I follow your example of being dynamic and full of energy. I miss you and your lessons a lot. Your presence is bound to govern my life and to inspire me now and after graduation too.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Cristina says:

    After reading this, I’ve understood that I chose a great and hard job….There is a long way for me untill I’ll become a “true teacher”…. I’m scared(((((

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