Descriptive Paragraph (Student’s draft)

John is ??? handsome and atractiv boy. He is tall. His hair is shiny black. John’s eyes are blue. His lips are sensual. His voice is fine and delicate and it sounds every time in my mind. John’s body seems to be well done. He looks  very well. John likes to be in trend. He always wears fashion clothes. He has his own style. This thing makes me to fall  in love with him. This boy is different from others and he uses an unusual perfume that attracts me, and I would like to be ever near him.

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1 Response to Descriptive Paragraph (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Aurica, this is a first nicely done step in writing. So I’m complimenting you on this. Definitely, there’s a long road to perfection, but you followed all the stages and I see the progress. I think you can see it yourself. There are some mistakes, two are a spelling mistakes, another is a grammar mistake 🙂 and the others deal with the meaning more. Keep on working and you’ll succeed!!!
    P.S. I could feel the perfume 🙂

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