Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

Teacher. It sounds proudly. Nowadays a lot of youth chose teaching as their future profession. In Alecu Russo Balti State University there are faculties of law, psychology, foreign languages. But many students come here in order to become teachers, instead of becoming lawyers, accountants or psychologists, as it’s popular nowadays. Despite the fact that teaching is one of underpaid jobs, people dream to become teachers and they do all possible to realize their dreams. When they are asked to explain why they chose this profession, students answer that they want to know [what?], and to share their knowledge. They want to be useful. These people, who dream about inspiring pupils to learn a foreign language, prove that it is actual nowadays to be a teacher.

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1 Response to Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Kate, not bad. However, the first two “sentences” are unclear to me 🙂 Also try to avoid redundancy in your paragraphs, there’s no need to repeat a similar idea once again. Another thing to pay attention to is the theory of translators’ false friends. Good luck 🙂

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