Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

Teacher is difficult and noble profession [not clear]. Teachers are the people that help us learn about the world every day. They reveal to us the secrets of numbers, they are introduced to the masterpieces of ??? world culture, explain the laws of nature, but also taught to be a friendly, courteous, diligent and develop their abilities and talents [too long and not clear] Need [Who?]  a lot of strength, patience and love in order to cope with the whole class is not entirely obedient children [???], to make the lesson interesting and understandable to all.

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2 Responses to Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

  1. Cristina says:

    dear Cristina…I want to say that it is a good job. it seems to be your own work. you tried to write something interesting, but the way you write is not so good. You should pay attention on articles and how in generally to write a sentence. You did some mistakes but it is the way to perform. ))

    • vickycondrat says:

      Dear Cristina, I can’t help agreeing with you 🙂 You paid attention TO the mistakes Cristina makes and you are also write when you say that mistakes is a way to PERFECTION. However, one should work hard to achieve their goals. I hope Cristina will listen to your pieces of advise. Good luck, Cristina!

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