Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

A perfect teacher knows well the art of teaching. He is a real expert of his subject. He makes the class enthralling. His way of teaching is interesting and persuasive. A perfect teacher is like a parent to his students. For a well done job he praises them. He is not very severe because of the mistakes. A perfect teacher is never angry with his students. He has a strong character. He does not only teaches but also practices what he teaches. A perfect teacher is a good friend and reliable support to the students.

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1 Response to Paragraph Writing 1 (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Not bad at all, Artiom. Just be more careful with “he” as your writing might sound a bit sexist. And definitely ‘articles’ are still on their way 🙂 keep working and you’ll get what you want. Though I still have my reserves concerning the fifth sentence, at least its not the TS and in addition, you explained what you meant by this.

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