Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

A short story «The Cop and the Anthem» by O.Henry is about a homeless man called Soapy, who looks for a shelter because winter is coming. The only way out he finds is to go to a jail, where he will be in warmth and will get food all three cold months. In order the policemen take him there he decides to break the law. He takes some attempts to do it , like breaking the glass window at a shop, or, eating at a restaraunt without paying for this, and others. But he fails every time. None of the policemen wants to take him to jail. One doesn’t believe Soapy is guilty, another feels sorry for him [not necessary].

Walking desperately through the streets Soapy  comes to a church from which the sounds of anthem are heard. This music reminds him about the time when he had a home and a family. It puts him on mind that he has to change his life  in order to become a respected man. But at that very moment when Soapy put himself a new goal a policeman reached him, accusing Soapy that he is stands here  to do something wrong and fulfilled Soapy`s first wish to go to jail.

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1 Response to Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Anne, just like in Kate’s case, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to cross out and what to leave. It’s not bad, just it looks more like a short retelling of the story. However, there should be a TS and a CS [the TS is compulsory]. Good luck 🙂

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