Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

  The story “Two Parables” by suggests the idea of the price of freedom that every creature on the earth has to pay to get it.
A marchant that was found of his bird wich he locked in a cage decided to go on for a journey. He was suposed to pass through the forest were his bird was born so the bird asked him to tell it’s old mates that it is locked. So he did.
When the birds heard the news, one of them fell dead. The marchant on his return back explain what has happened in the woods to his bird, so she fell dead too. The marchant opened  the door to go to burry her but suddenly the bird flew out. She said that those birds sent her a message that instructed her how to get her freedom and to fly away.

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1 Response to Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Marcela, it’s an interesting story, but I’m afraid it’s a bit incoherently summarized. There are some things which were not clear to me. One more thing, TENSES! Be more careful please, Good luck 🙂

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