Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

 In the short story [fable] “The Owl Who Was God”(1940), by James Thurber, the author maintains the idea that sometimes people are so blind that their foolishness can lead to death [nice TS]. In the forest lives an owl [W.O.]. that All the animals consider it to be a God. They think so because it can see in the dark. All the animals trust in its spirit and they believe in this owl [doesn’t it sound a bit redundant?]. They don’t know that the owl can’t see when the shine is brightening. When an animal tells the owl about the truck that is coming on the road, the owl maintains its opinion that it is nothing to worry about. At last, all the animals are dead.   The author goes on to say that people shouldn’t believe so strongly in any people because nobody  knows  the results where this relationship can lead to.

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1 Response to Summary 2: Free Choice (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Cristina, I liked your TS. However, there are moment I don’t quite understand what you actually want to say. Please be more careful. I also liked the CS, but its end is incomprehensible, I’m afraid. Good luck 🙂

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