Summary 1: The Unicorn in the Garden (Student’s draft)

In his work “The Unicorn in the Garden” James Thurber shows that sometimes we don’t know who are is in really reality the man who lives near us. He proves this a man who uses a short story about sees a unicorn who eats flowers in his garden which helps him to get rid of his wife. His wife considers him crazy because of this such an animal which does not exist. When she is alone at home she calls the police and a psychiatrist and tells them her husband’s story. The men take her to the lunatic asylum because, when asked, her husband denies everything. From this moment he lives happily. [you could have included here the idea I crossed out as a conluding sentence to your summary]

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1 Response to Summary 1: The Unicorn in the Garden (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Livia, it’s definitely better than the previous one. However, I had a feeling that it’s another person who wrote this summary and not you. Please be more careful next time. I just know that you can do better than this. 🙂

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