Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

The author Ray Bradbury in his short story “The Aqueduct” wrote about the sluices which was build by the North’s people and the South’s people. The South’s people didn’t have water and they waited it for a year.

But in one day in the North began a war [Word Order]. There were two countries. And they fought each other. The South’s children from the South asked their parents about water. They waited it too.

One day water was turn. The children and all people were happy. But they did not want to observed that the water was blood. Only one child asked his mother about this.

The South’s people slept well and they enjoyed the blood of their neighbors and the Presedent was care that the war was longer.

The author noticed their cruelty.

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1 Response to Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Marina, I see the tremendous work you’ve done, and this is good 🙂 Yet there are some things you should go on working. And why so many paragraphs? Is it an outline or a summary? Good luck 🙂

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