Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

In his short story « The Aqueduct», Ray Bradbury shows horrors of the war and it`s senselessness. The action takes place in a country of the South, where people wait for the aqueduct to be build from the North to the South, in order to get water and avoid [prevent?] the drought. But there were two countries in the North , which started to fight the year when the aqueduct was finished.That war caused a lot of deaths. While the people of the South were waiting and thinking that the aqueduct would not be opened because of the war, the messengers ran and cried to all the people to bring vessels for the water. The aqueduct was opened and people, happily, poured the water into their vessels, without paying heed attention that the water was strange and looked like blood.  It was the blood of those who died on during the war, but for people of the South it was all the same, because it was the liquid they were waiting for  a very long time.

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1 Response to Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Anne, I don’t think that Ray Bradbury shows exactly the “horrors of the war and it`s senselessness”. . There are also some other mistakes. Have a look and be more attentive. I’m 100% that you’ll succeed 🙂

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