Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

This story is about two states between the north and the land [is it?], where were building the Aqueduct. Soared above the ground with huge stone arch [what do you mean?]. In dry, empty drains wind howled, because the construction of Aqueduct took a year, which will connect the north and south of the land. Mother of his children even said that he will soon be ready, and then we can this water to irrigate fields, cook and bathe in this water. When allowed to water, children watched as she climbs over rocks and then spreads over the gutters to each house. Two states in the north have long fought, and in the year of completion of construction Aqueduct messenger came and said that fights are becoming more violent, a lot of losses. And for that is unknown. Heralds announced that all people come to the stone Aqueduct and took with cups, tubs, prepared fields and plows. Had to wait for, but a miracle happened and the moisture on the stone bed of gurgling and splashing flowed. People saw that flowed red and thick water. But people took advantage of this fluid were watered their fields to plant rice, they were very happy and hoped that it will soon end all wars. [do they???]

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1 Response to Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Cristina, I’m afraid, you didn’t understand anything from what I said today. You made too many mistakes. It is not a summary. There’s no transition between one idea and the other. I’m afraid I don’t understand anything. You should do something about it. I wish you all the best but unfortunately you’ve got a negative grade for this assignment 😦 Good luck in the future 🙂

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