Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

In the short story “The Aqueduct”(1979), Ray Bradbury suggests  that people who lived in the South tried to appease with the blooded water [I’m afraid, I don’t get your point here] that was running from the North through the aqueduct.

The aqueduct was built to maintain people’s life but it was still dry. People suffered because of this. In the North people were fighting and they didn’t want to open the aqueduct. All the Southerners were waiting for the water. At last people saw the miracle: the water started to flow. A child noticed that it wasn’t water, it was blood. Nobody carried about this thing. All the people were thinking about their next harvest that would be a rich one.

The author concludes [daoes the author actually make the conclusion? or is it the logical conclusion you drew? be careful] that human’s creature can be so selfish that nobody can believe that it really may exist.

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3 Responses to Summary 1: The Aqueduct (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Cristina, definitely it’s better than the previous, yet there are some things you should pay more attention to. Keep in mind: hard work brings its own reward. Good luck!

  2. Cristina says:

    thank’s for your advice! I know this but I also know that when we make mistakes we learn something! and definitely after some errors I will improve my English!

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