Situation on Vocabulary Notes 2 (Student’s draft)

Baba Zina’s revenge

It was a cold autumn afternoon of. Baba Zina was sitting in her armchair and she was watching TV.

Suddenly she heard a knock at the door. She was surprised of this because she has never had any guests at such time in the afternoon. She seemed worried but she went to open the door. When she opened she saw a man who was shivering with cold and he had a headache that caused a lot of pain She asked him what had happened but he couldn’t say anything. She invited him to come in and gave him a cup of tea. When he was  relaxed enough, she asked him about his problems. The man said that his name is Gigel and he was from the near village Fetesti and he had seen something strange that night.

He described his house and he said that he had a beautiful cow. This cow lived in good conditions and he loved it very much because it was the only thing that he had. That night he went to milk it. When he entered the room where the cow was, he saw that it was dancing. He fainted. But after some minutes he heard somebody that was talking to him. He opened the eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw : it was his cow. It was looking for some medicine to awake him. He thought that it was a dream and started to run with barefoot. The cow was running after him to make him come back. But it didn’t catch up him.

After this story, Baba Zina was very surprised to hear this story. She recognized some facts about this cow but she refused to think that it was true. For her, it was like a déjà vu. After some minutes, she understood that it was her cow that had disappeared some months ago.

She decided to revenge. She and Gigel went to his house and found the cow. She was still dancing in her dress with red lips. They caught it and milked it till she died. And after this, they celebrated their victory.  They drunk Red Bull that gave them wings to fly above all the problems that had happened.

To be continued………

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2 Responses to Situation on Vocabulary Notes 2 (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Cristina, you can see the mistakes yourself. They are not that serious. Yet I would advise you to revise the use of tenses, especially the use of Past Perfect. When it comes to the contents of the story, it is not as funny as the status in Russian (you know what I’m talking about). In literature, such a style would be called grotesque. You know that I would always encourage creativity and allow you have your own way. But, I’m afraid, the story might not be understood by other people. I know I was, in a way, the promoter of “Baba Zina” but when I see and read it, I have other feelings. We shall discuss this. Nevertheless, I’ll give you a 9 as you were supposed to write a situation on a free topic 🙂

  2. Cristina says:

    i agree with you…only now i’ve read your comment and the Christmas Carol isn’t about Baba Zina. Such stories won’t be in the future. That’s enough i think…and you , how i can see, support me. Thank you for your suggestion!!!

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