Letter Writing (Student’s draft)

 My dear friend Caroline,

I want you to write a letter about universiti where I am studying. The university  where I study is a very strong and super. I have recently started studying in the second year. It’s difficult, but I try as best I can. All students on the second year go with a brightly smiles on their face. Everybody brighten yours classes. Sometimes come to us the boys or girls and give us as a blank forms in order for us to fill them. Each of us has a blank to the library. We are different people, each in its own individual and there are good and ignorant students. When someone answers at the board the always there prompter. Our teacher always pointed out our mistakes. Nobody to nobody no one bore. Our lessons it’s a very interesting and excited everybody’s interest.

Good-bue my dear Caroline, and I think that you like my letter.

Your friend Cristina.

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1 Response to Letter Writing (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Cristina, I don’t think your friend will understand the letter. I will repeat myself but you have to work more!!! For this letter you score a 4. 😦

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