Character Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

After reading the text “I like politics, but I hate politicians” I understand the essence of the content. In this text, [Subject] says that as a family waiting to visit politicians. The family were preparing for the arrival og of the guests. In this text there are five characters: the boy, the mother, the sister-in-law [why in law???], the politician, the politician’s wife.

The boy: is the main character of this text. He is a considerate person, because he thinks about wishes. He is a naive boy, because he wants to convince a politician with your thoughts. In the text it is said: “I hoped I could convince him that I strongly believed in his political future”.  The boy is very quiet, obedient. He helps for his mother in the kitchen. He assisted in all and was very attentive to make sure that the guests will feel comfortable and safe. He is very curious so when he hears the door bell, he thinks that the guests have come, but he is disappointed, when he saw his sister-in-law. I think, that the boy is a bit gullible, because he much trust politician. This boy is very a positive character.

The mother: she is boy’s mother. She is a hardworking woman. She cooks a lot of different delicious ??? for the guests

The politician: he is not serious man. He cannot keep the promise. And this is proved by the fact that he did not come on a visit to the boy. The politician flew to Italy.
The sister-in-law: she is boy’s sister. She is a sensible and creative girl. She likes  a flowers very much.

The wife: she is politician’s wife. She is a minor character. She is an honest woman.

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1 Response to Character Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Cristina, I’ve talked to you several times. You should work hard. I told you this in the first semester and I’m telling you right now. If you want to succeed you have to catch up with the group. I cannot give you more than 5 unfortunately. And if you continue to write in the same way I won’t be able to give you a pass.

    Your grammar is poor. Then there’s no transition between one idea and another. In addition, I have a feeling that you didn’t understand the text.

    Good luck!

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