Character Sketch 3 (Student’s draft)

So,firstly I want I would like to begin with a quote about freshmen: “You can think of Hollywood as high school. TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors – they’re the cool seniors.” ( Owen Wilson ).

I agree with Owen Wilson, because it is so indeed [give arguments why exactly]. Freshmen are very responsible and are fond of deep studying🙂 Juniors aren’t already so interested in studying as the freshmen are. And at the end there are seniors who are irresponsible, they learned but not so much, they have already known almost everything, they are familiar with the college or the university:)

In our text the main character, who is a positive character,  was a young girl, Judy by name who was writing letters to her guardian, a rich man whom she had never seen. Judy was brought up in an orphan asylum where her life was hard. There the children were badly fed and had to wear other people’s cast-off clothes. That’s why when she was at college she also wrote to his guardian writing that in the college ” We have ice-cream twice a week and we never have corn-meal mush “. Judy was a very bright girl, we can see this feature in herself following description : ” …. And anyway, I’m just as bright in class as any of the others, and brighter than some of them! “

One of the things that she wrote to his guardian was “The trouble with college is that you re expected yo know such a lot of things you’ve never leaned.” This meant that altghough she liked the college and some other things in her college life (“college gets nicer and nicer,I like the girls and the teachers and the classes  and the campus and the things to eat”) she had a trouble with the college. She was an honest and sincere person as we can sees in : “I never read ” David Copperfield “,or ” Cinderella ” ,or ” Ivanhoe “,or ” Alice in Wonderland “,or “Robinson Crusoe” or ” Jane Eyre” (……)”; ” I don’t much like to confess this last item,but I will. A pair of silk stockings. And now, Daddy, never say I don’t tell all ! “

She was very happy because her guardian had sent her to college as she was a bright girl. Judy was confident because of her dream-to become a writer, to become famous and to gain enough money to be able to pay bak the money spent on her education by her guardian. Judy was also thankful because of the present that she had received from her guardian : “Your five gold pieces were a surprise! I’m not used to receiving Christmas presents. Do you want to know what I bought with the money?” She also criticed herself saying : “You see the miserable creature that I am-but at least I’m honest; and you knew already,from my aylum record,that I wasn’t prefect,didn’t you? ” ; ” You wouldn’t believe what an abyss of ignorance my mind is; I am just realizing the depths myself.”

Another character from this text was Judy’s guardian,called jokling by her Daddy Longs-Legs,also a good character. He was a rich man whom Judy had never seen before and he, too. Judy knew almost nothing about Daddy Longs-Legs. Only one thing she knew about him that he was a very tall man and that’s why she called him in that way. Maybe he became Judy’s only closest friend with whom she could share everything, every details and most of all her college impressions and her new life. Judy didn’t want to bore Daddy Long-Legs with her letters : “I really believe I’ve finished, Daddy. I’ve been writing this letter off and on for two days, and I fear by now you are bored.” She also didn’t want to lost him telling him that : But I’ve been so exicted about those adventures that I must talk to somebody,and you are the only one I know. If my letters bore you, you can always toss them into the waste-basket.” Judy hoped that her guardian was glad to receive letters from her and in the end of ones she wrote ” Good-bye, Daddy, I hope that you are feeling as happy as I am”.

The last character from the text is Julia Pedleton. I can only supposed that Julia was not so bad and that she was a positive character,too. She was a sophomore. She usually came into Judy’s room to do geometry,and she sat cros-legged on the couch. Julia wore silk stockings. Judy said that when Julia got back from vacations, she would come in and sit on Julia’s couch in her silk stockings. That’s all about Julia.

In my opinion, Judy will become a great person in her life because she is a bright, clever and hard-working girl. Her guardian will help her in everything, I believe, because he is a very kind man, his deed tells about himself. He takes care of a girl whom he had never seen. This text about Judy’s adventures, new life and experiences teaches us many useful and right things. [avoid this type of concluding sentence. Remeber you should be specific! WHY / IN WHAT WAY are the questions you should always keep in mind when stating similar utterances]

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3 Responses to Character Sketch 3 (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Alina, we’re only learning to make character sketches and, in my opinion, it’s not bad at all. However, you should be more attentive, as there are some silly mistakes (e.g. to lost). You should also learn how to make transitions between one idea to another. One more thing, BE SPECIFIC!

    Don’t worry you’ll succeed, I’m 100% sure.

  2. Alina says:

    Dear teacher,
    I will try to corect my mistakes.I am not sure that I will know how to make transitions between one idea to another,but I wilI try.And I can’t be specific,it’s not my way of being.
    Thank you:)

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