Character Sketch 3 (Student’s draft)

The main character and the narrator of the novel which is written in the form of the letters is Judy. From two of her letters we can understand that she is a girl who was brought up in an orphan asylum where here life was hard and opposite to her present life at the college ”We have ice-cream twice a week and we never have corn-meal mush”. She has a guardian, who she jokingly calls Daddy Long-Legs and to whom she addresses her letters. The letters describe her new life at the college which she says “gets nicer and nicer”, but she has a trouble with college ”The trouble with the college is that you are expected to know such a lot of things you’ve never learned”, from this confession result that she is a sincere person and this is proved by another confession ”I don’t like much to confess this last item, but I will. A pair of silk stockings. And now ,Daddy, never say I don’t tell all!” Judy is a bright girl and knows her worth , ”But now when the girls talk about the things that I never heard of ,I just keep still and look them up in the encyclopedia. And anyway, I’m just as bright in class as any of the others , and brighter than some of them!”. She is also admits that she is not perfect, which mean that she is a realistic person ”You see the miserable creature that I am but at least I’m honest; and you knew already, from my asylum record ,that I wasn’t perfect, didn’t you? As well she is a thankful girl ”I am very much obligated for my presents”

I can say that she is an optimistic and hard working girl she improves her knowledge , reading plain books in order to catch up with her classmates. I liked that she never gives up although her life is not so easy, she is grateful for it.

Another character of this novel is Daddy Long-Legs the man who receives letters from Judy. There is not much information about him but from Judy’s letters we can say that he is a good man with a great hart, because not every man can be a guardian. Maybe he is rich man because he helps her with money and giving her Christmas presents. I think he like honesty in people and this is revealed in Judy’s words ”And now, Daddy, never say I don’t tell all!’

As a conclusion I can say that this man is a great, respectful man and an important person in Judy’s life.

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