Letter Writing (Student’s draft)

My dear Clara!

I’m happy to write to you this letter. I’m sophomore now. When i came to the University last year, I was very excited. Because it was the new setting. I met many new people and made new friends. This setting was unknown to me. The new rules in University are very different as at school. But now I know how i should study.

Our classroom is small, but very comfortable and bright. There are eight desks. The sun brighten our classroom every day. Our lessons are very plain, because every of us understand all that teacher tells. If you want to go to the library, you should have a blank. Because without it you can’t come in library. We fight with our ignorance, when we do our home-works, when we read books, when we learn some rules and etc. It is very interesting to discover some new things. Our teachers prompt us to be more attentive, more punctual, more responsible, more friendly. I think that to be friendly is very difficult. Because every of us is different, with his character. It is difficult to accept a person as he is. But you? How do you think about it?

We have lectures every day and we should record all that teacher dictates to us. Sometimes we hear audio-lectures, from cassete tape- record. It is very interesting occupation.It help me to understand my errors. We can hear dialogue in the language that we teach. Exist lectures that is very bore for us. We don’t want to go to this lecture, but we should.

I want to see you. When will you arrive to me? My family eagerly waiting for you!

With Love, Nastea!!!

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