Letter Writing (Student’s draft)

Dear Mum,

I want to share with you with my impressions about my first month at the University. I must confess that only the thought about this new stage in my life caused the great excitement on me.

But now the University gets nicer and nicer. I like the group, the teachers and some of the classes. There is a canteen here , where we can buy something to eat.

The trouble with the University is that you are expected to know a lot of things that you never learnt in school. One more thing is that sometimes there is much homework and you don`t manage to do everything, and you have no time for something else except studying. I made an awful mistake at the beginning . I haven`t  realized from the first days that to manage success in studying I should devote much more time to it. I didn`t take it seriously at once, so I had some problems and it was difficult to make up the lost time and to learn things that I missed, in order not to  become ignorant.

This case prompted me that everything depends on me, and now I have a rule: that is- to try to do everyting in time.

Day by day I`m founding out a lot of information here. I never read so many books in English. I`ve read more plain books. I`ve learnt much from the history and development of the English literature. I have not studied French at school, so it was new for me as well. Now I  know a lot of things, but anyway there is very much I need to catch up.
Mum, thank you for your present for my birthday. It was a surprise! With the money you`ve sent I bought some dictionaries and a mobile phone. I know that the latter is expensive but let me explain that prompted this purchase. My phone fell down and broke. And you know that this is a necessary thing  now. Thank you very much! I`ll be much obliged to you for your help.

I finish my letter . Hope you are not bored with it . But I`ve been so excited with this new experience that I must talk to somebody, and you are the one with who I want to share this.

Good buy, Mum.

Love you,

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