Letter Writing (Student’s draft)

Dear Jackie,

I decided to write to you this letter because I wanted to share especially with you my feelings. I hope, after reading my great letter, you’ll be kind and you’ll tell me about your feelings.

I would like to tell you about my first experience as a freshman at the university. Until I came here, I had a feeling that this is a bright and plain place where al the people are happy and there aren’t any problems and injustices. But it was only my thoughts and my dreams. Then, came the crucial  moment. The first day of September I will never forget. My ignorance made me feel very shy. I thought “I am like a blank sheet”. I had no idea whatever of university. From the very beginning our professors pointed out that all the university rules should be obeyed. Some classes bored me because of the information what they taught us but some of them exited by  the information that I have never known till now. There were a lot of situations when I looked so stupid but I found out a way how to pass through these situations. Therefore I became more productive and positive. I  understood that there were a lot of students who had such a feeling. Then, I decided not to give up and to go on without any remorse because our life is very hard and in such a cruel world I should find my own way to success.

I also would like to tell you something about one of the professors that had a big impact on our class. For the first time his presence bored me to death. But after some meetings each of us changed his/her point of view. Now, we miss him but not ‘him’, I mean his jokes, funny expressions in latin, his appearance that always made us laugh. After some months made myself comfortable at this place and now I really think that is a bright place. I like all the people here, it doesn’t matter how they are, because each of us are different, and we should respect them only for the way they are.

Best wishes and I look forward to your letter!

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