Character Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

“Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”
Nikita Hrushchev

The text “ I like politics but I hate politicians” is about a boy who was waiting for a meeting with a politician. He and his family have done everything for this. He had a great expectation. But at last the VIP didn’t come. He was very upset and his dreams and feelings have ruined.

This text shows the subjective pint of view of this boy because the boy acts and feels all these events in the way how he thinks at the moment.

From the first paragraph we can see that it is a political text because there aren’t any names.

The main character of this text is the boy. He is a considerate person because he thinks about wishes and needs of other people that can be seen in the paragraph  where he tells that “our country is in such a crucial moment”. He also is a naïve boy because he thinks he can convince a politician with his thoughts “I hoped I could convince him that I strongly believed in his political future”. In the same way can think only a teenager, because he doesn’t understand as much as an adult can. I can say that the boy is caring one. He helps his mother with arranging the table” I was carefully deciding the right place for napkins, forks etc.” He makes everything he can only to meet this person. He looks forward to make a good impression, to share his feelings and to be heard but unfortunately he is disappointed because the VIP hasn’t come. He can’t understand how he can fly to Italy to by a new car for his family while the country is in danger.

The other character that I can characterize is the mother of the boy. She is a hardworking woman because she cooks a lot of different foods for the guests. She is also a truly woman because “she dressed herself as a lady”.

The politician’s wife is considerate and not indifferent because in spite of that her husband is gone she came to the dinner. She could not to come, but she is smart that’s why she came.

About the politician I can say that he is indifferent because he promised that he come and at last he let the boy down. Here I can add that he is disrespectful man. It doesn’t matter are you a politician or not, first of all you are a “man” and should respect the other people. The statement “he was traveling abroad to by a new car” can say that he isn’t a patriot. If he is an American one he ought to buy there a car, not to betray his country.

This text shows us once again that politicians are unpredictable and their actions too and politicians think only about themselves. I like politics, but I hate politicians too.

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