Character Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

There are four characters in the text «I Like Politics, But I Hate Politicians».

The main character is a boy. He is very caring and considerate. He cares much how he will meet the important guest. He even is carefully deciding where to put napkins, forks, plates, glasses and other necessary things for the dinner. The boy is excited. He is thrilled at the idea of meeting an important political personality. He is an enthusiastic boy. He is going to discuss with the politician the political situation in the government, and hopes he can convince him that he strongly believes in his political future. But we see that this boy is gullible at the same time. He even can’t imagine that the politician can ignore the invitation. He is so desperate when he finds out that instead of meeting the politician went abroad to buy a new car for his family, in such a crucial moment of the country… He understands that he hates politicians.

The boy`s sister-in-law is also excited with this meeting. She is caring as well. She brings some spring flowers and spreads them on the table. She knows how to make something pleasant for the guests.

The other character is mother. She is hard-working. She cleans the house and makes a lot of dainties for guests. She is a smart woman, too. She dresses herself as a lady before the meeting.

The fourth character is the character whom everyone is waiting for with such excitement. I think this politician is disrespectful, because he didn`t come to the planned meeting. He`s indifferent. He doesn`t care what will think his voters about him.

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