Caracter Sketch 1 (Student’s draft)

i read the text “i like politics, but i hate politicians”. There are five characters: the boy, his mother, his sister-in-low, the politician, the wife.the boy is who tells us the story. reading the story, i can say that this boy is caring. he helped his mother to laid the table and he carefully decided the place for flatware. he is very considerate, because he wanted, what for theirs guests all were comfortable. the boy was in waiting theirs guests and he jumped for each rang and ran to the door. this characterized him that the boy is enthusiastic. the boy is very gullible, because he believed that the VIP mister come to the their supper. he thought that he will see the VIP person . but the boy was very disappointed , because VIP- person didn’t come, he was flying in Italy. this boy is very positive character. the next character is his mother. she is hard- working woman. she was cooking in the kitchen, may be, all the end she cooked very much foods.she also is elegant lady. she dressed herself as a lady after the cooking. i can say that she is positive character in this text,too. boy’ s sister-in-law was coming with spring flowers in her hand.that show me that she has a good-taste and her enthusiastic. the politician is that person, who can decide all country’s problems. but he didn’t come.he is very indifferent person.the politician also is not patriot. he was flying to Italy to buy a new car and this show me that he is very egoistic person. he think only about his life, not about the society. i thin that he is negative character. and, i can say that exist politicians who think about themselves. but some politicians think about society and help the poor people and do all than their country to flower.

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