Summer reading 3 (Student’s draft)

Oliver Twist

by Charles Dichens

The story begins with the Oliver Twist’s birth. He was born in a workhouse. His mother died. And from that moment his horrible life in the workhouse began. He was left with a drunken nurse, which stole the money intended to be spent on children.

Oliver became the apprenticed of an undertaker. There he met with a new boy Noah Claypole, who constantly humiliated him. He obediently endured everything, but one day Noah spoke badly about Oliver’s mother, and Oliver kicked the oldest boy. After that he was punished, and escaped.

While he was walking he saw the sign “London”, and went there. He spent the night in a haystack, suffering from hunger, cold and fatigue. On the 7th day he met a boy of his age, a thief. He gave him some food and they went to an old house. Artful Dodger introduced him to the godfather of London thieves and swindlers Fagin. Fagin promised Oliver to teach him the craft and to provide a job. He spent many days exercising how to steal handkerchiefs. But when he went out for the first time, he saw how Artful Dodger and Charley Bates stole a handkerchief from the pocket of one gentleman. They started to run, and the gentleman thought that Oliver was the thief. People caught Oliver and dragged him to a judge.  Fortunately, the gentleman realized that Oliver was innocent and he decided to take to his place. Oliver was sick for a long time. Mr. Brownlow, the gentleman, wanted Oliver to receive an education.

But Fagin, fearing Oliver would tell the police about him, tracked him down and kidnapped him. He sought at all costs to make of Oliver a thief and get complete obedience from the boy. Fagin needed a thin boy for a rubbery with his old friend Bill Sykes. They chose Oliver.

Oliver firmly decided to raise the alarm in the house, as he did not want to participate in this crime. But he did not do it; the house was protected, and put his half of the window the boy was shot in the arm. Sykes pulled him out. Oliver was bleeding. He threw him in a ditch, not knowing exactly whether he was dead or alive. When he awoke, Oliver came to the porch. The owners, Mrs. Maylie and her niece Rose, put him to bed and called a doctor, refusing to give the poor child to the police.

Meanwhile, in the workhouse where Oliver was born, died a poor old woman who once took care of his mother. When she died the woman robbed her. Old Sally called matron Mrs. Corney and repented that she had stolen the gold thing the dying young woman asked her to keep. She thought that people would take care of her child. Old Sally died, passing Mrs. Corney the mortgage receipt.

Fagin was very concerned because Sykes knew nothing about Oliver’s fate. He inadvertently told in the presence of Nancy, Sykes’ girlfriend, that Oliver was worth hundreds of pounds, and mentioned some will. Nancy overheard his conversation with the mysterious stranger, Monks. Monks wanted the boy to become a thief.

Oliver was slowly recovering in the home of Mrs. Maylie and Rose, surrounded by the sympathy and care of these ladies and their family physician Dr. Losberne. He told them his story. The Doctor travelled with him to visit the Brownlow, but Brownlow was not at home. With the arrival of spring, the two ladies were moving to rest in the village and took the boy with them.

Monks found Mrs. Corney. For twenty-five pounds Monks boughtr her little purse that old Sally had taken from Oliver’s mother. In the purse there was a gold medallion. There were in it two locks and a wedding ring, and on the inner side of the medallion the name “Agnes” was engraved. Monks threw the purse and all its contents into the river, where it couldn’t be found. Nancy told to Rose and Doctor where they could find Oliver, and about what Monks wanted to do. Oliver, Rose and Doctor found Mr. Brownlow’s house. They decided to talk again with Nancy, and found out how Monks looked like.

They met Nancy on the bridge. She told them everything, but she was followed by Oliver’s old enemy – Noah Claypole. Noah stole all the money from the undertaker, and met with Fagin. Noah told Fagin everything. Fagin told Bill Sykes about Nancy’s actions, and then Bill became furious and killed Nancy.

Mr. Brownlow found that Monks his old friend’s was son, who died in Italy. He didn’t like his first wife and his son; he met a new love – Agnes. He left a will; he singled out for eight hundred pounds to his wife and the eldest son. And the other property he left to Agnes Fleming and their child. Rose was Agnes’s sister.

When he was eighteen Monks fled from his mother, robbed her, and there was no sin, that he would not surrender. But before she died, she found him and told the secret. Presenting irrefutable evidence, Mr. Brownlow forced Monks to carry his father’s will and leave England.

Mr. Brownlow adopted Oliver.

Bill Sykes was killed, tortured by guilty conscience. Fagin was arrested and executed.

I like this book. I don’t know what Dickens smoked, but I like it. It’s a story about hard times and about cruel people. There are a lot of interesting characters and actions.

I like Oliver, he was too young, but brave. Now, not every adult can endure such hardships like Oliver did. He has experienced a lot of evil, but remained a good boy.

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