I am tired, but when I say it, it already means that I am at my wits end, if I got any wit and if there’s an end to it. But I’m not complainign just stating the obvious. I hope tomorrow it’ll be better and I’ll restart my operating system and it will work more effeciently. But I will survive! 🙂

I miss my family. I miss my students. I miss my life. I’m pretty sure when I’m back I will miss my life here. How is it posssible to have so many contradictory feelings at once? It is not a problem that they are contradictory, but the problem arouses when they clash and you have to live with the damage of the explosion for a while. But I will survive! 🙂

I think that, actually, I AMkind of complaining. Sometimes I feel like crying, sometimes like laughing, why can’t I feel the middle way: maybe it’ll lead me to the milky way and I’ll seat on a star and contempalite the boredome of my life. I’m a bit in the stream of consciousness technique, are’t I? But I’ll survive! 🙂

So still thinking positive and expecting positive things
Yours now and forever

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2 Responses to TIRED!

  1. poncho says:

    vicks once I was like you, far from home, from my family, my friends I was studying hard in a foreign country, bit by bit I get used to the new environment, until I was used to that place, now every time I back to NY I feel like in home, that things happens when you try to success.
    I send you one big bear hug too, I barely know you, but I feel as if I knew you from years (this is very Mexican style, we get confident very soon!)and just by the internet, but I know you’re a great person, a beautiful one. Soon you’ll be sharing your actual experiences with your people, as I did once.
    So do not worry, I think you’re living one of the best experiences ever, to know other places, other persons, I know you’ll success, my best wishes for you , my serious academic girl.

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