Hello, isn’t me you’re looking for :)

Long time no see. Life offers great opportunities but sometimes these opportunities involve some sacrifice. And sacrificing in the name of something better and brighter is always hard. This sacrifice makes you feel so lonely and deforested. It is like being surrounded by beautiful flowers, and still miss the weeds of your clearing.

I don’t know how it happens, but we, humans, become willingly addicts to everything that has the illusion of happiness. That is why people leave the country for a better future thinking that happiness is somewhere there, far away, but still reachable, just an ocean away(for some it’s a matter of some kilometers).

It is still an illusion, and it is still us (thanks God) who make the place comfortable and not the other way round. Maybe one should stop and try to do the best of what they can in their own country.

Sometimes the illusion is in the new dress in the shop. However, once bought, it is immediately thrown away. Or in the power of tomorrow. “I’ll do it tomorrow” makes us feel happy, and the incurable belief that the future is brighter than the past makes us move on. Yet, it is better to dream about the future than regret the past. Past should be a teacher in present helping build the future.

I just hope the sacrifice I’m making in the present is for a better future. I somehow got the feeling that the past doesn’t teach me anything. I think this is what might be called a stream-of-consciousness moment 🙂


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